Blackwood Village Health About Us

Our attention to your needs is evident from the moment you meet us. Dr Michael Davis and staff are thoroughly professional and approachable.

At Blackwood Village Health, we take the time to review your previous medical history and perform a thorough physical examination. We then discuss probable causes, treatment options, desirable clinical outcomes, duration and frequency of treatments.

If deemed chiropractic treatment will aid your condition, we will detail treatment, the nature and mechanics of adjustment and muscle testing. Thereupon treatment will be rendered which may involve manual adjustment, various muscle techniques and possibly meridian procedures or cranial techniques. We will often advise of exercises and/or stretches that you need to perform to assist in your recovery and maintenance of well being. Nutritional supplements and/or homeopathic remedies maybe prescribed to assist your condition.

We follow up within a week of your initial treatment to check that there has been improvement and that your expectations have been met.

At the follow up and subsequent appointments we will gauge your response to treatment and modify therapy if necessary so as to obtain optimal therapeutic outcomes.

In contrast to many chiropractic practices, we do not adopt a production line approach to diagnosis or treatment nor request upfront payments or ask you enter into any contractual agreement. Furthermore, your privacy is of the utmost importance to us.

Consequently, all treatments are conducted on an individual basis; rather than an open plan format whereby several patients are treated simultaneously.

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