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Applied Kinesiology | Balance your body and mind

Blackwood Village Health also utilises Applied Kinesiology (AK) methods within a chiropractic setting to evaluate the structural, biochemical and emotional aspects of health that Applied Kinesiology is founded on. These aspects form the Triad of Health. Applied Kinesiology is designed to enhance standard diagnosis, not replace it.

Applied Kinesiology is a higher qualification within the chiropractic profession, practiced only by healthcare professionals who have undertaken further study in this field. Applied Kinesiology is a ratified technique and is recognised by AHPRA, the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency.

Utilising manual muscle testing along with other standard methods of diagnosis, Michael is able to deliver the specific treatment that is required for each individual patient, tailored to what the body requires. This is truly an interdisciplinary approach to health care.

The Triad of Health is interactive and all aspects must be evaluated to establish the underlying cause of a problem. A problem with one aspect of the Triad can affect the other two aspects. For example, a chemical imbalance may cause physical symptoms. Applied Kinesiology enables Dr Davis to evaluate the imbalance and tailor therapy to address the imbalance.

Treatments may involve specific joint manipulation or mobilisation, various myofascial therapies, cranial techniques, meridian procedures, clinical nutrition, dietary management, counselling skills, evaluating environmental irritants and various reflex procedures.

Applied Kinesiology skills are developed and approved by the International College of Applied Kinesiology Board of Standards. These skills are refined from many disciplines including Chiropractic, Osteopathy, Medicine, Dentistry, Acupuncture, Biochemistry, Psychology, Homeopathy, and Naturopathy etc. Members of these professions share knowledge through the publications and conferences of the International College of Applied Kinesiology (ICAK).
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